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Quick review of Frozen: its was fun. totally enjoy Olaf and it was a step up form Tangled. however proclaiming it to be as good as Beauty and the Beast, like some reviews have, its way overblown. they’re not even in the same ball park. but hey at least they’re getting some of that 90s Disney magic back. btw The Trailers for this film really didn’t do it justice, cause i didn’t think i was going to enjoy it by looking at them. thank god i was wrong.

also today marks the Release of Dark Souls 2, and i would so be enjoying it right now…if i didn’t have to wait for the PC release on April. If you have a Ps3 or Xbox360 you can enjoy the Soul goodness today. meanwhile i guess i’ll tie myself over with some “Titanfall”…i guess. *breaks into song singing “its a Hard knock life”*

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